A decision-helping tool

Allix3 is really appreciated by our customers for its very efficient decision-helping tool modules.

Allix3 allows you in the blink of an eye to consult your past raw materials consumption as well as forecasted.

You are also free to make these studies on several periods. What is the point of having a software that can only give you the current vision?

The incorporation of new raw materials has never been so important, Allix3 allows you to assume any market situation, to optimise the selection of your raw materials and test various formulation scenarios.

Thus, group optimisation and associated decision-making tools, specific to Allix3, allow you to quickly study the interest of a raw material. This way you can calculate the earnings and the quantities of raw material you need to satisfy your future production.

How much time do you need to determine the interest of a new raw material? The exact quantity to purchase? The money saved?