A-Systems announces partnership with Dr Amit Das

Global animal feed formulation software leader A-Systems set an agreement with Dr Amit Das to distribute A-Systems products to animal feed producers in South Asia.

A-Systems is a market-leading provider in animal nutrition software, today announced its partnership with Dr. Amit Das to strengthen its position in South Asia (India, Bangladesh, Nepal and Sri Lanka).

For the last 20 years, A-Systems has developed the Allix feed formulation software, KAllix quality control software and Ruminix Ruminant Ration Balancer. These solutions are some of the most used solutions in some parts of the world. So by joining hands with Dr. Amit Das, A-Systems aims Allix to be one of the most used formulation software in the area in the coming years.

Dr Amit Das is a well-known reference in the animal nutrition industry. By the past, Dr Das has worked for some of the main feed producers of the region. He has been Animal Nutrition Manager at Uttara Feeds (V.H Group), Godrej Agrovet and Operation Manager at Amrit feeds. In addition, for many years he has been providing consultancy to key players in India , Bangladesh, Nepal & Africa. Dr Das has a deep knowledge of the existing feed formulation software market available in India. He is very confident about Allix3 Formulation software . Thanks to the technology used and the premium service provided by his team.

“I have been very impressed by the quality of the solutions and services provided by A-Systems’; having more than 20 years of experience in feed formulation, I have never experienced such a great software. I am truly confident Allix3 users have a lot to gain switching to this modern solution” Said Dr. Das.

This new partnership enables A-Systems to rely on a local and trusted consultant providing high quality advice and support. “A-Systems is very excited to start marketing in this key market collaborating with Dr. Das. His long experience in the animal nutrition industry and his choice to collaborate with A-Systems to provide a better service to his customers in South Asia market gives a good reason to South Asian feed mills to give a try to Allix3” said Benoit Chesnais in charge of the Asian development of A-Systems.