Allix: a user-friendly software

All formulation software pretends to be the most user friendly one. At A-Systems’ we believe a user-friendly software must be easy to understand and easy to use even for new users. In order to be understandable, Allix uses simple words even if the application behind is comprehensive and complex. In additional, every item in the software is allocated at a logical position and reachable using a searching tool bar. Your time is precious why spending it looking for a feature?

In order to know what we understand by user friendly software you can contact us and ask for an online demo. Waiting for this live demo you can find below other examples of the user friendliness of Allix.

Customisable desktop

In a formulation software most of the time few features are used and not necessary the same one for all users. In order to have a quick access to your favourite features, in Allix you can easily create shortcuts on the software’s desktop. As it is customizable by user in large organisation the person the formulation manager will not necessarily have the same shortcuts as the purchaser manager.

Keyboard shortcuts

You can manage Allix with your mouse or with the traditional keyboard shortcuts used by Microsoft (save, copy, paste, search…). On top of these basic shortcuts additional shortcuts exist to make your routine job faster. This actually allows the user to be perfectly comfortable integrating the use of Allix.

Excel Ergonomics

You can manipulate the Allix grids by instinct, if you are already familiar with Excel. Our screen containing tables were developed with similar functions to those in Excel, so, you won’t have problems understanding or manipulating the software.

Multiple modification in a click

You are in charge of a whole factory or in charge of a species in several factories, you could be interested in spreading a new constraint everywhere. The modification in columns grids offered by Allix can easily handle these tasks. Allix offers you the flexibility you need.


Allix can be provided in multiple languages. Upon request you can use the software in Spanish, French, English or Portuguese. In addition, if you would like to write your data in your own language Allix will support any alphabet.

You are in charge of a local formulation team who are not at ease in English and would like to work with Allix. The software itself can be translated in any language including non-latin alphabet. A-Systems will assist you to do this job easier.

For sure the user friendliness of the software is a reason why Allix is used by nutritionists located in more than 70 countries.