Allix Easy Switch

Changing formulation software can cause panic: Would I be able to recover all my data? Would I know how to manage the new software? Would I have the needed support during this delicate process of transition? Would I be able to send my formulas to the production plant or to my ERP? To allow you to have a serene migration and thanks to our experience in migrating software, A-SYSTEMS suggests to you the integrated solution “EASY SWITCH” that can take care of all these aspects.

Data import from yout former software to Allix3

After the validation from our technical support team, the data extracted by you from your former software can be imported into Allix, either by standard routines if your former software is one of the commonly used ones, or by routines developed by our technical service. This will avoid the fastidious and sometimes impossible process of you putting in again all your raw materials, constraints, diets, price lists, amongst others.

Plant communication

If you use automated transfers with your IT environment, either by text files, cvs files or other more sophisticated methods, our technical team will insure the continuity of this data transfer.


Every user has specific training needs. According to their IT know-how, the former software they used, their time availability, etc… For all these reasons, A-Systems adapts its training program to each client. A combination of online and onsite training, so you can finally take advantage of all the benefits of using a modern and performant software on tour own.

Video tutorials

Most of our basic tools are explained on videos. You can easily watch them all at your own pace either to review a tool you don’t use a lot, or just to start your training from scratch. They are short and simple videos, so anybody can understand and see, with some examples, how to make the most of all the features in the software.

Customisable desktop

Our technical support team is always ready to help Allix users. Either you have a technical request or any other question, we are ready to help you over the phone, mail or chat, you can even ask us to connect directly to your computer to solve the issue as quickly as possible.