Changing formulation software: simplicity and efficiency with Allix Easy Switch

Changing formulation software is not a trivial task, and implies multiple important points, from retrieving data, learning the software, managing the transition period to integrating communication with plants or ERP. For the setup and the learning of Allix to be done in optimal conditions, A-Systems put in place a process called « Easy switch » that will ensure an efficient and serene transition. Thanks to our experience and our help, setting up Allix will be simple and quick to guarantee the continuation of your activity without disruption.

An efficient migration thanks to our experience and availability

After study and validation from our technical team, data that you exported from your previous software can be imported in Allix.

We have two methods, depending on your situation:

In both cases, our teams will be by your side to make the import of data easy, optimise the setup process and guide you as you take your first steps with Allix.

Changing formulation software while keeping the integration of communication with your plants and ERP

Changing formulation software should not have an impact on your activity. If you currently have automated communication with your IT environment, either using file exchange or any other way, our team will be there to reproduce existing communication. A-Systems guarantees the continuity of data exchanges, without disturbing your work and your company’s performances.

Training sessions adapted to each user

Your training needs for your new formulation software can be specific and vary from one user to another. That is why A-Systems adapts the training to each client. The training might combine online and onsite training sessions to allow you to get the most from using a modern and efficient formulation tool.

Online training videos available to optimise your formulation work

Most of our tools are explained in short, clear, and efficient training videos. Whether to train yourself at your own rhythm, or to discover or rediscover tools, these training videos will help you get the most out of the tools in your formulation software.

A technical support famous for its availability and efficiency

Our support team is always ready to help Allix users. If you have a technical question or any other request, we are at your disposal. To ensure optimal availabilities, our support teams are base in South-east Asia, in China, in Europe, and in America. Our clients will benefit from around the clock support. If you allow it, we can connect to your computer using screen sharing tools to help quickly and efficiently.

Changing formulation software is a strategic operation for a company. To ensure optimal conditions when migrating to Allix, A-Systems puts all its experience, and the availability of its teams so that the setup process can be simple and stress-free.

Our clients speak out:

“Transferring over to Allix was surprisingly easier than anticipated, with the software roll-out going off without a hitch.” Josh Sweeny (MILNE)

“Allix is a modern and dynamic program that allows the communication with our database. For us it was very easy to switch from our old software to Allix, mainly with the support of the A-Systems team.” Lídson Ramos Nery (Agroceres)

“One of the big concerns when changing software was moving the existing data, but the export and import of data was easily done with the technical support of A-Systems.” Dr Megan V Edwards (DSM)

“The process of transferring data from our existing system to Allix3 was very easy. During the transition period where we ran the 2 optimisations systems in parallel, we had weekly transfers of all data for 12 plants.” Elisabeth and Børre (Felleskjopet)

“I have one regret only : I should have changed a lot sooner than I did to Allix.” Peter Chrystal