Allix Petfood: The petfood formulation software from A-Systems

The Petfood industry is growing strongly, whether for cat or dog feed, for wet as well as dry food. Nutritionists and formulation specialists in petfood companies are faced with numerous challenges, nutritional, economic, or marketing.

In order to solve this issue, A-Systems came up with Allix Petfood, that includes dedicated tools to take into account specific needs of petfood formulation to create balanced complete feed for cats and dogs.

This formulation software gives professional of the industry an overall view, with decision-aiding tools that can help make quick, practical, and strategic decisions. Created specifically for this industry, it will fit all issues such as labelling and packaging change, specific steps in production, respect of AAFCO or FEDIAF constraints, animal well-being, and more.

Allix petfood will allow:

Innovative, easy to use, adaptable and ergonomic, this formulation software will give every formulator and nutritionist the opportunity to make the best of their knowledge, and give clear diets, optimised both from a quality and an economic point of view.

The formulation software was created to consider current requirements and anticipate future demands of the petfood formulation. True asset for any professional of the petfood industry, choosing Allix also means getting the benefit of all renowned services from A-Systems: tutorials, customer services, developments, and more.

The petfood package of Allix is used in many countries, by international companies as well as local producers and consultants. Extract from the customer testimony of Jean-Baptiste Roche from Royal Canin: “One of the advantages of Allix is to be able to offer individualized approaches for its customers from a high-performance common software. I recommend this software to companies who want to have a formulation tool providing a high nutritional precision associated with perfect cost optimisation.”