Allix the Formulation Software adapted to your needs

Allix Formulation Software is a flexible software that offers with multiple packages. Each package has been designed to adapt to the needs of your projects. You can build your version of Allix by integrating the modules that interest you the most and thus have a 100% useful software.

The six basic packages, which description can be found by following this link, have been determined thanks to our experience and the needs that we could identify from the different categories of users. But beyond these packaged versions, it is always possible to adapt the software by adding “bricks” that will allow you to have a tool really suited to your needs.

This modularity has been designed to offer users greater flexibility. Thus, you can build your Allix license on the measure of your needs with our basic packages and additional modules that can be added. This allows all the actors of the different profiles, consultants to Service Firms, to have a powerful tool adapted to their needs.

What are the benefits to be expected from this modularity? They are primarily economic. Do not over invest in software or features that you only use 10% of! It is a waste of money, but also of time spent mastering a tool that goes too far away from your needs. However, if your needs evolve, Allix can adapt and change with your activity.