Allix3 and your formulation needs

A-Systems believes adaptability is key to success; that is why our formulation software Allix3 was conceived to fit all types of users from consultants, small and medium size companies, to large feed mills or Services Companies. It doesn’t matter if you manage clients on your own or if you produce tons of feed, as each customer you are unique and so are your needs.

Allix3 adapts and understands each customer uniqueness and thus has been designed with various tools divided into packages, to adjust to your requirements. In addition, as we study each case and are not limited only to those possibilities, you can also add specific modules available such as the Non-Linear Adjustment to the package of your choice, so you can maximize the utility of your formulation software.

Therefore, in order to make your formulation task as easier and comprehensible as possible, we introduce to you the Allix3 different packages:

Allix Consultant

A formulation software to be used in the field

A multi customers data management suitable for consultants and ground nutritionists. The optimisation provides a comprehensive sensitivity analysis: restrictions costs, shadow prices, etc…

Allix for Feed Producers

Feed formulation software for feed producers

A Formulation Software ideal for small and medium companies; if you do not have a large number of data to manage and would like an efficient and affordable solution, this package is for you. It is especially suitable if you are setting up a new feed producer company.

Formulation software enabling purchase simulation and advanced post calculation. Are you managing a lot of formulas? Do you need tools to make the right decisions for your ingredients purchase? Allix S1 is the package that you need.

Allix for Nutrition centers
A formulation software for services companies and nutrition centers

The most comprehensive solution for the most rigorous formulators. The data organisation combined with the rights management provide a secure work on the database in a multi users environment.