9 reasons to use KAllix3, the new version of A-Systems quality control software

KAllix, the quality control software for raw materials and finished products, centralises all the quality data of a feed producer, service company or premixer in a single database. This tool, which complements the Allix software, handles all the operations involved in managing the quality of raw materials.

Based on the experience gained with KAllix, A-Systems has now developed KAllix3. Thanks to the most advanced programming tools, our software offers a new wealth of functions to satisfy the most demanding users.

Discover the 9 reasons to use the new version of Kallix3 for the quality control of your products:

1. Unrivalled user-friendly and customisable interface

For easy access to data, A-Systems’ quality control software has a completely redesigned user interface. You can customise the interface to meet the specific needs of your business, making it easy for your team to adopt. What’s more, the intuitive nature of KAllix3 reduces the learning curve and enables users to get to grips with the system in a quick and efficient manner.

2. Assisted integration of the quality control software

We facilitate the implementation of KAllix3 into your existing infrastructure. Our experienced technical support team is on hand to guide you through the integration process. In addition, the application’s parameters and links to the Allix3 formulation software are simplified to better link the two tools.

3. Real-time quality control

For advanced quality control monitoring, a comprehensive new raw material and recipe control plan management tool has been developed. You can continuously check the quality of your products, receive instant alerts in the event of non-compliance and take immediate action to rectify problems, minimising losses and food safety risks.

4. A quality control software with powerful data analysis capabilities

KAllix quality control software offers exceptional data analysis capabilities, allowing you to extract strategic information from your quality control data. You can identify trends, correlations and opportunities for improvement to optimise your production and formulation processes.

5. Customised reports and documentation

KAllix3 offers great flexibility in customising reports and documentation. You can generate detailed reports that meet your specific needs and regulatory requirements, making it easier to communicate with customers. Statistics and reports are modular and offer extensive options for viewing and checking results. What’s more, thanks to the use of standard features, the integration with tools such as Business Object and Power BI is made a lot easier.

6. Dedicated, agile and efficient customer support

Your satisfaction and the success of your business is our priority and we pride ourselves on providing dedicated, responsive customer support. Our team is ready to answer your questions, resolve issues quickly and help you get the most out of our software. What’s more, international companies benefit from local technical support, allowing us to be agile and responsive.

7. Scalability and regular updates

KAllix3, like all our software, is designed to evolve with your changing needs. To ensure that your software remains at the forefront of technology and continues to meet the challenges of your industry, we regularly release updates with new features and enhancements.

8. Cost-effectiveness and rapid return on investment (ROI)

By automating and optimising your quality control processes, KAllix3 helps to reduce operating costs and improve productivity. This translates into a rapid return on investment, making it an economically sound and strategic choice for your company.

9. Guaranteed safety and compliance

Food safety is paramount in the feed industry. Our quality control software is designed to help you comply with food safety regulations, ensuring the safety of your products and the confidence of your customers.

In short, KAllix3 offers a wide range of tangible benefits, from a user-friendly interface to recipe optimisation, real-time monitoring and advanced data analysis. We’re committed to helping you achieve your quality, food safety and profitability goals, while providing customer support that is recognised by all our customers. With our software, you’ll stay competitive in the feed market and meet the growing demands for quality and compliance.