Long distance or online training

A-Systems wants to give a close customers service, without regard to where our customers are located. No matter if you are a nutritionist or a feed formulator in Asia, Oceania, Latin America, Africa or Europe, distance is not anymore an obstacle to training yourself and learn well how to use our formulation software Allix. Thanks to our video tutorials included in our maintenance service, you can from now on acknowledge and take advantage of the tools that are available in Allix.

What are the advantages of online training?


Regardless of your geographical situation or your time zone, from any part of the world and at any time, if you have a computer and internet access you can train yourself with the Allix video tutorials. A great advantage for all companies around the world.


The video tutorials let you learn at your own rhythm with autonomy. You are free to train yourself according to your agenda and working duties, either for learning again how to use a specific tool if you are an experimented or assiduous user, or simply, to begin your training if you just started with Allix as a formulation software.


No more need to move from one place to another, no more expenses such as hotels or costly training trips. The videos are accessible for each user of your company within the customer profile on our website.


It is training without frontiers: the videos are accessible for an unlimited time from all places around the world. The tutorials were conceived to show, with practical examples, the different tools Allix has to offer. You can see them as many times as needed, simply by logging on to your customer profile at www.a-systems.fr.