The powerful FICO Xpress Solver is now available in Allix3

Thanks to A-Systems long experience with the animal nutrition industry, we have never stopped thinking about how to optimise our customers productivity. A wide range of solutions has been developed over the years and the issues faced by some of the world largest feed producers have always been an exciting challenge. One of this challenge is the optimisation time, dealing with a big amount of data when using the multi-formulation solution.

Allix always had good results regarding the response time during the optimisation. However, in order to provide an even more efficient solution, A-Systems did a survey about optimisation routines. We have studied both technical results and acquisition costs for our customers.

Following an in-depth study of the top solvers available on the market, we chose to integrate Xpress Optimization Solver from the US company FICO. They are represented in France by Artelys, an independent company specialized in providing decision support, optimisation and modelling solutions.

Artelys and A-Systems set up an agreement to provide the FICO Xpress solver to the Allix3 advanced versions using the multi-formulation tool. The performances and the stability offered by FICO Xpress to Allix3 users are amazing: some large problems involving more than 1,000 formulas are optimised in a very few seconds. Moreover, the stability of the solutions is very high. It enables more simulations and calculations to optimise diets and ingredients purchases.

Allix users on all continents can now benefit from it. If you are facing complex multi-formulation issues on a single or multiple plants level, this tool is for you.

In addition, thanks to Allix’s increasing market share worldwide, A-Systems negotiated very competitive terms to set up this solver at a very affordable cost to our existing and future customers.