WebLink: keep in touch with the technical teams

The difficulty for the formulation department is to ensure that the technical data updates (matrix of raw materials, specifications of formulas …) are effective in the field and that either the customers or the field technicians use this updated data. Conversely, when feeds are formulated by the field technicians, it is important to ensure a fast and reliable return to the central base in order to calculate labels, transmit formulas to the plant, etc.

WebLINK allows, through the use of Internet platforms to provide this communication. The “central” is notified of updates made by field technicians, who are notified of the availability of new data in a simple way. Conversely, the sending of data from the technicians to the central gives rise to alerts for the central office and for the sender. Traced transfers, secure, fast and without unnecessary manipulations, these are the benefits to expect from WebLINK!