Feed formulation software for nutritionnist

Formulate with ease with a comprehensive software

Whether you are a consultant, nutritionnist for a feed mill, or a service company, Allix feed formulation software exists in 4 modular versions to meet all your needs.

Advise your clients using a web-based feed formulation tool

Offer your expertise to your clients with great flexibility and reactivity thanks to WebAllix, our collaborative formulation platform .

web-based formulation tool for nutritionnists
raw materials for nutrition

Offer your expertise on raw materials easily

Curate your own RMLink plateform for raw material profiles, and allow your clients to calculate nutritionnal values online.

Exchange data easily and securly

Share your feed formulation data with colleagues of clients with ease using WebLink. Our web solution ensures the monitoring of updates.

Share formulation data, feed formulation
tool to calculate rations

Calculate rations with ease

Share your expertise on ration calculation by offering an intuitive tool to your technicians: Ruminix.

Bridge the gap between quality control and feed formulation

Centralise your analysis, control the quality of your ingredients and diets, and update your nutritional profiles with KAllix.

quality control and feed formulation

Solutions that can integrate to your IT environment