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Peter Chrystal

Peter Chrystal

Peter Chrystal, a well-known expert in the field of animal nutrition, shares his views…

Allix Feed Producer Europa


Einar Lilleeng and Alba Perez

Einar Lilleeng, formulation director in Biomar Norway and head of the global formulation team, and…

Allix Premix / Additive Producer Europa


Sébastien Douet

Sébastien Douet is technical director and formulation manager for Techna France. In this interview,…

Allix Feed Producer Oceania


Josh Sweeny

“Allix is a robust, formulation software allowing smooth integration into modernised milling facilities, helping…

Allix Premix / Additive Producer Asia


Juvy Castillo

I have been a user of another formulation program for more than 20 years,…

Allix Premix / Additive Producer Europa


Yordan Ilchev

“Working with Allix is an experience that it’s worth it every penny. There are…

Allix Feed Producer Africa / Middle East


Christian Poudret

“Working with Allix has represented several benefits for us. It is a user-friendly software:…

Allix Premix / Additive Producer Latin America


Lídson Ramos Nery

“Allix is a modern and dynamic program that allows the communication with our database….

Allix Feed Producer Latin America


Larry Vejarano Lezama

“ALLIX3 is the most complete formulation software that I know, it counts with multiple…

Allix Feed Producer Europa


Elisabeth, Børre and Henrik

Project description The optimisation system is a key element in the production process in…

Allix Petfood Europa


Gaëtan Marcillet

A specific and international demand As a player on the veterinary market, we must…

Allix Premix / Additive Producer Europa


Jose Ignacio Ferrero

For me, the main advantage of working with Allix3 is the availability of the…

Allix Feed Producer Latin America


Juan Pablo Viana

“Working with Allix has been a great experience, it has made the formulation process…

Allix Premix / Additive Producer Asia


Dr Megan V Edwards

“There was some hesitation to change the whole APAC Team over from other formulation…

Allix Petfood Europa

Jean-Baptiste Roche

Royal Canin

Royal Canin Working with Allix has many advantages, besides having a robust and easy-to-access…

Allix Feed Producer Oceania


Paul Drew

“Using Allix has given a fresh approach to formulation and functionality that integrates well…

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