Allix3: Feed Formulation Software

Allix feed formulation software

Formulate with ease with a comprehensive software

Allix formulation software allows nutritionists to calculate diets and optimise raw materials consumptions.
With great user-friendliness and calculation speed, Allix is considered as the most efficient feed formulation software on the market

Benefits of using Allix

  • Intuitive

    Allix is easy to learn and master

  • Ergonomics

    Allix benefits from a graphical interface

  • Modular

    Allix adapts to your needs

  • Comprehensive

    Allix offers a large array of functions

  • Dynamic

    Allix evolves with your needs and current requirements of the industry

Allix exists in 4 modular versions

Advanced functions

Allix adapts to your need thanks to advanced functions that can be added to any packages.
For example: