Ruminix: Ration balancing software

Share your expertise on ration calculation by offering an intuitive tool to your technicians: Ruminix.

Ruminix is highly customisable by the product manager, or the nutritionist. The service company, feed producer, or additives producer can also promote their products and nutritional know-how. Its multi-model system also allows for great adaptability to the needs of varied end users.

Benefits of using Ruminix

  • Customisable nutritional models

    based on widely used models such as INRA, CVB, NRC…

  • Raw material management

    adjustments of “client” and “factory” ingredients

  • Graphical indicators

    customisable graphical representations

  • Advanced functions

    optimisation, Supplements planning, Distribution plan

  • Data communication

    easy exchanges of data between Ruminix and Allix