RMLink: Platform for the valorisation of ingredients

RMLink by A-Systems is a raw material profile calculation tool

Add value to your knowledge of ingredients

RMLink is an online platform allowing you to provide a raw material profile calculation tool.
RMLink can be seamlessly included in Allix to allow your clients to apply your equations on their analysis. Therefore, your clients can ensure the valorisation of their ingredients to formulate with up-to-date profiles.
for clients that do not use Allix, the valorisation can be done through a web page then the profile can be exported.

Benefits of using RMLink

  • Add value to your knowledge of the ingredients

    a customised data sharing tool

  • Confidentiality

    your equations are hidden from end users

  • Seamless use in Allix

    your equations can be used in your client’s Allix without data import

  • Access via subscription

    define and manage your subscriptions

  • Reactivity

    customers can update the whole profile of their ingredient based on your equations in a click