“Allix is a modern and dynamic program that allows the communication with our database. For us it was very easy to switch from our old software to Allix, mainly with the support of the A-Systems team.

We are very happy with the client support given by A-Systems. We have an optimal relation with the team and the support is provided in Portuguese, this is highly important! Several times the personnel didn’t limited their efforts to help our team, even with a different time zone, which could affect the attention, but is not the case at all.

A tool of Allix that we particularly appreciate is the formulation interface, this is really good. Specifically, we use a lot the participation of ingredients in the final cost of the premix and also the analysis that we can do using de shadow prices of raw materials columns. Of course, we will recommend this tool to other companies. If you don’t use it, you should, it makes easier the formulator’s work”.

Lídson Ramos Nery

Nutritionist – Poultry

Agroceres Multimix

Agroceres is a Brazilian company, with 73 years of activity in the national agribusiness market, being one of the leaders of the sector. It has national activities in the production of premixes, concentrates, rations and specialties for swine, poultry and cattle. Headquartered in the city of Rio Claro, São Paulo, Agroceres also has 23 units spread throughout Brazil, being research units, units for industrial production, genetics, among others. For more information about Agroceres please visit