“ALLIX3 is the most complete formulation software that I know, it counts with multiple tools that make my work easier, allowing me to optimise my time.

The Switch from ALLIX2 to ALLIX3 was really quick thanks to the great technical support that A-SYSTEMS has, it only took us a couple of weeks to get used to the new interface and discover new tools that enable a better analysis when formulating.

The technical support team is present at all times when I need help or if I have a doubt, I only need to contact them and there is always someone who picks up the phone or responds to my emails on their side to give me a solution.

The parametrics is one of the tools I take the most advantage of in ALLLIX3, because it gives me the necessary information needed by the purchasing department, so they can negotiate with suppliers and we can get the best cost-benefit for the company”.

Larry Vejarano Lezama

Nutrition and R&D Manager


Chimu Agropecuaria S.A is the leading poultry company based in the north of Peru, it was incorporated in 1985 and it has more than 3.000 employees. Chimu has feed production plants, breeding plants, an incubation plant, broilers farms, a broiler slaughterhouse and a rendering plant. Chimú Agropecuaria is striving to be a global competitive company, providing valued-added products for feeding. To know more about Chimu please visit