Project description

The optimisation system is a key element in the production process in Felleskjopet Agri SA.

The system is integrated with production systems, analytical systems and the marketing department.

We have taken the time needed to write an RFP (Request for Proposal) and could therefore ask the market leaders within optimisations systems for a solution. We got proposals back from 3 vendors and after an evaluation in the project group we decided to go with Allix3 from A-Systems.

A-Systems could offer a very flexible solution based on the very latest software development tools and they could handle the extra requirement we needed.

It has been a big and fairly complicated project. We have had a very good and close relationship with the people at A-Systems and together we have found solutions to all challenges.

How was to change your habit from a software you were used to work with to Allix?

The change over from our previous system has been quite easy. The initial training sessions that A-System has provided gave us a very good start. After a time on our own, Charlotte Paillette has given us on site follow up sessions. She is a very good teacher and can always provide an answer to our questions.

How easy/difficult to move you data from your former software to Allix?

The process of transferring data from our existing system to Allix3 was very easy. During the transition period where we ran the 2 optimisations systems in parallel, we had weekly transfers of all data for 12 plants.

Do you find it hard to have support/training from France?

No problem at all. Very good support and training in English. Always fast response. Superb.

What about the development done for Felleskjopet?

A-Systems has done a number special developments where we can mention a Production Prognoses system, Raw Material Nutrient Coefficient system and special reports.

What about the interface?

A-Systems has very flexible tools to collect and form data from their database, to create e.g. Raw Material requirements and overall recipe costs.

Is there any tools that you specifically appreciate in Allix and would recommend to others?

Raw material nutrient calculations using scenarios are showing both the underlaying equations, intermediate and final results on same screen.

The display of both numbers and a graphical representation of the nutrient contribution for a diet is very useful.

We find the transaction ‘Planned RM usage’ very useful when we need an estimate of the forward raw material consumption

It’s very simple to get raw material analytical values up on the screen while you optimise. Analysis can be changed and tested in the optimisation. Raw material source can easily be swapped between local and derivative.

Comparisons during optimisation are made easy. We can compare with the same diet on other plants or a different local diet or a different diet on other plants.

Labels can be edited and changed for products already in production as they are versioned.

Elisabeth, Børre and Henrik
Formulators and Project Managers
Felleskjopet Forutvikling

About Felleskjopet:

Felleskjopet’s primary sphere of activity is the production of feed concentrates, which forms the very backbone of Felleskjopet ‘s activities. With a market share of 48 per cent, comparable to 900,000 tonnes of feed concentrates, the organisation is the single largest player in the Norwegian feed concentrates market. Feed concentrate sales account for 30 per cent of FK’s total operating revenues. FK has 11 production facilities of its own, and co-operates closely with local mills. FK produces feed concentrates for ruminants, swine, poultry, horses, fur-bearing animals, dogs and cats. Formel, Format, Kromat, Champion, Labb and Appetitt are the brand names used for the various categories of animals.

Felleskjobet is a co-operative owned by 44.000 farmers.

Felleskjopet runs round 200 shops in Norway and Sweden serving as a total supplier of equipment to farmers.

For more information, please visit www.felleskjopet.no