“Working with Allix has represented several benefits for us. It is a user-friendly software: modules are arranged in a logical and orderly manner and we can rapidly generate reports and tables in Excel or PDF. Several useful tools are available, i.e. quick copy/paste options, direct modification and save options are also presented.

For us, a useful feature of Allix is that when doing modifications, everything can be done from the same window. For example, if you are working on the formulation screen, there is no need to open the Raw Material for modification in order to the impact on the formula composition, this can be done directly while formulating. Also, the creation and management of raw material, nutrient and formula lists is easy.

Moving to Allix was also very easy. Moreover A-Systems offers a rapid technical support through remote control software. Until now, the response time has been very short and the solution to our problems have been found fast too.

A-Systems organizes monthly online technical meeting, considering the time change between Mauritius and France I was thinking it was not easy to attend them however these technical meetings are recorded and then available on their website in order to enjoy the same service as if we were on the same time zone.

Allix is a tool that we use every single day. When we have the feeling that we don’t use all the potential of the software we can either contact A-Systems to review things together or view online tutorials available on their website in order to review tools into details”.

Christian Poudret


Meaders Feeds Ltd (MFL)

Meaders Feeds Ltd is an animal feed manufacturing company incorporated in 1994, producing a variety of feeds for all species. As a major player in the field of animal nutrition its serves not only the local market but also the regional market.

Aim at producing superior quality feeds for farm animals and pets and satisfy our customers’ needs by providing a strong and up to date technical support, make use of the latest technologies.

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