For me, the main advantage of working with Allix3 is the availability of the developers; although clients do not interact with them directly, it impacts all areas: client support, response time, possibility of suggesting and implementing changes. It is also a modern tool, easily linked to other systems, almost everything can be copied to and from Excel which makes the collaboration with clients or other departments of the company really easy.

In our case, going from our previous software to Allix3 was very easy, and the Allix team handled the transfer of 90% of our data, at the time we had more than 300 active plants. For this reason, it was very easy to start working with Allix3, without losing sensitive information during transfer.

The customer support is very responsive and efficient, in less than 24 hours we usually have an answer and a solution to the few issues that we encountered. As I commented earlier, the continued exchange that they have with the development team is crucial.

The labelling tool in Allix3 is impressive and fits all our labelling needs. It is even more noteworthy as our labelling needs are very high: we have more than 450 active products in the company, mostly premixes and complementary feed, and we provide counsel and labels to our clients. The label module in Allix3 is so powerful that it can be adapted to any situation and any unforeseen issue.

On top of the translation module, I find the possibility of extracting information typed in several languages incredibly efficient and surprisingly simple.

We recommand using Allix to other company without reservation due to the user friendliness, the compatibility with other systems, and the dynamism in developing new tools. Allix is not a closed program, it is constantly in development, with frequent updates. Betting on this software ensures us that we will be fine in the future.

Jose Ignacio FERRERO,

Responsible for formulation, Nutega CCPA Group

Nuevas Tecnologías de Gestión Alimentaria, S.L. was incorporated in 1995 by a group of professionals with a vast experience in animal nutrition, in order to offer personalised attention to their clients. Their main business is the production of products geared toward improving animal nutrition, such as additives, premixes and complete feed for animals. In 2018, Nutega joined with the CCPA group, strengthening its capacity for innovation and its technical capabilities.

Specialised in animal nutrition and health, the CCPA group has more than 50 years of technical expertise. Their capability for innovation and their services are widely recognised by livestock farming professionals, making them a key player in France and worldwide.

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