“Working with Allix has been a great experience, it has made the formulation process easier and faster. The numerous tools Allix has allowed me to create more coherent diets, as well as, monitoring them. I can also use alternative raw materials, without implementing them on the field, I can do economic evaluations and see what is the best option for the company.

Migrating from Allix2 to Allix3 was really easy, even though Allix2 was highly versatile, Allix3 is more user friendly and has a more dynamic interface. Its new desktop with icons makes handy the customization of the screen, you can set the tools you use the most by groups according to your priorities, I found this feature very helpful.

The customer service as well as the technical support given by A-Systems to its clients is effective, I have been able to solve in a short time several doubts that I have had during the formulation process. I also find very interesting that they received suggestions from user to improve the functionalities available in the software and they can even develop tools according to the needs of their customers. I must thank A-Systems for its help during the migration of my Allix2 database to Allix3, they were available and efficient during the process.

I think one of the most useful tools is the “swing”; this tool allows me to have coherent diets avoiding big variations from one diet version to the next one after reformulating due to the inclusion of a new raw material, either by availability or changes in the raw material cost.

I will recommend the “swing” to be used permanently to avoid zootechnical impacts in the farm due to a considerable variation in the use or inclusion of raw materials in the diets since some species are very sensitive to these changes.”

Juan Pablo Viana


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