“Using Allix has given a fresh approach to formulation and functionality that integrates well with our current systems. Moving to Allix was simple, hassle free and streamlined easily with our current practices and requirements.

Allix allows each user to customise display settings, configurations and lists – functions which have proved to be valuable within a diverse team of users without cluttering the workspace.

Being able to move through multiple menus and functions seamlessly and the ability to work in different parts of the programme at the same time makes the formulation process much more efficient.

Tools such as nutrient contribution, parametrics and other functions make the analysis process easy and adds to the toolbox that the nutritionist can use to analyse cost and elements of the diet itself.

Training and support was well provided despite being situated in a different time-zone. The Tegel team had a number of opportunities to meet with A-System representatives at industry meetings and alongside visits to our office.

A-Systems have been great at understanding our requirements and have been flexible enough to provide solutions to meet these”.

Paul Drew


TEGEL – New Zeland

Tegel is New Zealand’s market-leading poultry producer and has been part of the fabric of this country since 1961. We are involved in breeding, hatching, processing, marketing, sales and distribution of poultry products across New Zealand and international markets. For more information about Tegel, please visit www.tegel.co.nz