A specific and international demand

As a player on the veterinary market, we must respond to the ever more specific demands of veterinarians. Offering products adapted to the nutritional needs of dogs and cats is a daily challenge.

Virbac also offers dietary products for pathological care. These products comply with strict legislation that can change rapidly. It is through the formulation that we must be able to meet the nutritional objectives on the one hand, but also remain in compliance with regulations on the other.

Today, in an international context of multisite production, formulation must make it possible to give consumers similar products regardless of the region of the world they are purchased in.

Adequate Allix3 tools to face the new challenges of the industry

In a multi-site configuration, it is necessary to be able to quickly provide information for each plant and for each manufacturing step. The Allix3 Multi-step module provides an optimal response to this need. Thanks to this tool, it is possible to show each level of formula for each manufacturing stage, with its nutritional expectations. This allows production sites to have only the information that is essential to them while allowing us to supervise the whole process.

In a global context, it is imperative to meet international regulatory requirements. The Allix3 labelling module allows to provide the qualitative and quantitative formulas necessary for registration files and to quickly provide the order of the ingredients of each product. Another essential function of this module is to enter the order of ingredients in the formulation constraints. This makes it possible to secure the formula and to avoid the issues of change of order which could require a reformulation.

In day-to-day use, being able to quickly check the contribution of each ingredient to a given nutrient or to be able to directly access the nutritional composition of an ingredient from the formula is something very practical for us. In general, Allix3 is optimised to access information quickly and efficiently.

A quality service and support

When I started at Virbac, I was immediately trained on the tool. Initially on Allix2 and then quickly on Allix3 with the switch of software. This training allowed me to quickly become autonomous. New modules were installed and each installation was accompanied by training and follow-up until I got proficient with these tools.

Thanks to the training received and the tools installed, I was able to completely optimise my database. Before this optimisation, I had to rework my formulas in Excel sheets to be able to extract regulatory formulas, ingredient orders, raw material tonnages, etc. Today, everything is synthesized in Allix3 and exporting information from Allix3 to Excel or other software is extremely easy and fast. This saves valuable time and allows us to anticipate our growth with confidence.

In Brief :

Allix3 is a very versatile formulation tool that adapts to each situation. From the simplest conformation to the most complex productions, the software adapts itself to the problems and needs of each person. This is why I recommend using this software to be able to secure the formulation to the maximum.

Gaëtan Marcillet
Formulation and R&D studies
Virbac Nutrition

About Virbac Nutrition:

Located in Vauvert, France, Virbac Nutrition, a 100% subsidiary of the pharmaceutical group Virbac, manufactures and markets dry food for dogs and cats. The food is commercialised in France, where the company is one of the major players in the veterinary circuit, as well as in many subsidiaries of the group throughout the world (Belgium, Spain, Netherlands, Portugal, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Italy, Denmark, New Zealand, Japan, Mexico, Costa Rica, Chile, Germany…).

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