WebAllix: Online formulation platform

collaborative formulation solution

Collaborative formulation

WebAllix allows a company (consulting company, premix producer, minerals producer, or consultant) to provide a formulation solution to their colleagues or clients, while keeping a close link with the end users. WebAllix allows to share data such as formulas or raw materials, while the end user can set their own prices and production plan.
WebAllix requires no setup, works on any web browser, and on any computer connected to the Internet.

Benefits of using WebAllix

  • Collaborative formulation

    the administrator and the end user both bring their share of the data

  • Online formulation

    available in your web browser

  • Formulation tool adapted to feed producers

    single formulation, raw material consumption

  • Easy monitoring

    the administrator supports the client and can monitor modifications

  • Great reactivity

    the client can formulate at any time by adjusting prices and ingredients