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A-Systems announces partnership with Dr Amit Das
Logiciel A-Systems

A-Systems announces partnership with Dr Amit Das

Global animal feed formulation software leader A-Systems set an agreement with Dr Amit Das to distribute A-Systems products to animal feed producers in South…

nutritional requirements models for dairy cow, beef cow, and sheep
Ruminix Support & Services A-Systems

Ruminix : the most comprehensive ruminant balancing software on the market

The new ration balancing software Ruminix was developed and perfected by A-Systems after many discussions with professional users. This competitive and innovative software benefit…

A-Systems will visit IPPE in Atlanta
Event Event

A-Systems teams will visit IPPE in Atlanta

Innovation will be at the heart of the event so feel free to meet us to know more about the latest advances and new…

Le meilleur logiciel de formulation
Feature A-Systems

What is the best formulation software?

Whether for monogastric (poultry, swine), for ruminants, aquaculture, or pet food, optimising diets is key in animal feed formulation. A formulation software can help…

Event Event

A-Systems will take part to the World Aquaculture 2022

(Booth 129) A-Systems will be attending the World Aquaculture Singapore from November 30th to December 2nd. Our team will be at your disposal to…

Event A-SystemsEvent

A-Systems available to meet you at EuroTier 2022

(Hall 20 B12) From the 15th to the 18th of November, the teams from A-Systems will take part to the lead tradeshow for animal…

environmental criteria in animal feed formulation
Allix Feature

Taking into account environmental criteria in animal feed formulation

Some databases can attribute environmental values to most raw materials used in animal feed production. These values, obtained through analysing the life cycle of…

maïs matière première A-Systems
Allix Feature

Managing raw material shortage

Coronavirus, Covid 19 : the world is facing exceptional circumstances. Plants producing micro ingredients stopped in China make it difficult to procure some raw…

Allix Feature

Optimizing dose-dependent effect of phytase during formulation

Exogenous phytases are commonly added to animal diets to breakdown phytic acid from plant-derived ingredients. With the hydrolysis of phytic acid, availability of P…

WebAllix Web Solution

WebAllix: a new Internet service for feed formulation

A-SYSTEMS has been developing formulation software for twenty years, with a very wide range of products to meet the needs of all types of…

AllixRMLink Feature

Feedinamics: a new service linked to Allix3

In 2004, the INRA1 and AFZ2 published a highly successful feed table: Tables of Composition and Nutritional Values of Feed Materials, also known as…

Allix Feature

The powerful FICO Xpress Solver is now available in Allix3

Thanks to A-Systems long experience with the animal nutrition industry, we have never stopped thinking about how to optimise our customers productivity. A wide…

RMLink Web Solution

RMLink – Online evaluation of your raw materials

The evaluation of raw material is a fundamental point at the heart of feed formulation. The precision of the feed formulation directly ensues from…

Allix Feature

A decision-helping tool

Allix3 is really appreciated by our customers for its very efficient decision-helping tool modules. Allix3 allows you in the blink of an eye to…

Allix Feature

Manage your data easily

Allix3 is a formulation software working with a Relational Database Management System (RDMS). As a consequence, this software is extremely user-friendly. Not only it…

Allix Feature

Allix the Formulation Software adapted to your needs

Allix Formulation Software is a flexible software that offers with multiple packages. Each package has been designed to adapt to the needs of your…

WebLink Web Solution

WebLink: keep in touch with the technical teams

The difficulty for the formulation department is to ensure that the technical data updates (matrix of raw materials, specifications of formulas …) are effective…

Allix Feature

Formulation package for Feed Producers

Allix formulation software can be packaged differently depending on the needs of the customer. We have a dedicated package for feed producers, the Allix…

Support & Services Switching to Allix

Allix Easy Switch

Changing formulation software can cause panic: Would I be able to recover all my data? Would I know how to manage the new software?…

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