Feedinamics: a new service linked to Allix3

In 2004, the INRA1 and AFZ2 published a highly successful feed table: Tables of Composition and Nutritional Values of Feed Materials, also known as the “Green Book”. Years later, in 2017, in partnership with Ajinomoto Animal Nutrition Europe, the EAAP3 and the Cirad4, new tables of composition and nutritional values have been published.

These new tables are fully available at no cost and can be viewed in English at www.feedtables.com
Similarly to the “Green Book,” these new tables enable animal nutritionists to access the average nutritional values of more than 300 ingredients.

The description gathers about 260 nutritional criteria. They are based on a database of nearly 3 million values and they take into account the latest developments in animal nutrition. Indeed, these new tables include the latest work carried out at the INRAE for establishing the new ruminants feeding system. Values are based on a large number of data (> 3 millions) and constant statistical studies. Equations linking the values were also deduced. Even though it has been a huge task, the AFZ wanted to offer more services.

That’s why since 2013 the AFZ has worked on a research project to define the predicted nutritional values determined by the ingredient chemical values. This project relies on two main points. First the equations are specific to each ingredient or raw material category. Second, it is possible to define the nutritional value on demand. As a consequence, the solution provides to nutritionists a full profile of their own ingredient and not only standard profile based on average values.

Once the nutritional challenge developed, the next step was to find a solution to give an access to this know how to all the animal nutritionists who might have an interest in such a solution. It is why the AFZ contacted A-Systems, the famous software publisher specialized in the animal nutrition industry which developed the Allix formulation software. A-Systems has developed the RMLINK technology which is able to make online dynamic calculation as we were looking for. Together we have developed our customized webpage: www.feedinamics.com

With Feedinamics, once logged in, the user can input some nutritional values based on his own ingredient analysis. Automatically the resulting nutrients are calculated. Then data can be easily exported to a csv file in order to be imported in his formulation software. Even better, if the user works with Allix3 formulation software, a seamless exchange of data can be set up. That way, changing main nutrients in Allix matrix management tool will automatically update the whole ingredient matrix. The AFZ was able to define subscription packages adapted to any type of users.

Today nutrients available in www.feedinamics.com are mainly based on the INRAE system but additional criteria are planned to be included in the future.

In conclusion, RMLINK enables the AFZ to spread its knowledge easily with its partners. Any other feed table provider could benefit from a similar technology to link research with the animal nutrition industry.

Please, contact us to set an online demo of Feedinamics or if you manage feed tables and would like to provide a solution to your customers.

1INRA: Institut National de la recherche Agronomique (French Institute for Agricultural Research)

2AFZ: Association Française de Zootechnie (French Animal Nutrition Association)

3EAAP: European Federation of Animal Science

4CIRAD: French Agricultural Research Centre for International Development