Ruminix : the most comprehensive ruminant ration balancing software on the market

The new ration balancing software Ruminix was developed and perfected by A-Systems after many discussions with professional users. This competitive and innovative software benefit from unparalleled ergonomics and ease of use appreciated by all ruminant nutrition professionals.

Intuitive and effective ration work thanks to the Ruminix software

Ruminix offers multiple nutritional requirements models for dairy cow, beef cow, and sheep. Where other ration balancers often require users to rely on a fixed model, this software allows users to use their own knowledge and technicality to adjust the open requirements models. Therefor users can configure the software with the information they think are most relevant to their own technical and economical context. This ration balancing software combines therefore both efficiency and flexibility in order to cover all needs and knowledge of the professionals.

For field technical or commercial users, using Ruminix is very intuitive: they can calculate the optimal rations for their client in just a few steps. Graphical indicators also allow the relevance of the ration to be validated at a glance. These key indicators can be adapted, and allow each user to shine a light on the most important results, and ease the creation of spot on feeding programs.

From any given ration, it is possible to calculate a rationing plan that will account for changes in animal productions when working with dairy cow.

The customised feed creation module allows the creation of customised complementary feed based on the forages available at the farm.

The highly customisable reporting tool allows the advisor to leaver their client with a concise, relevant, and aesthetically pleasing document.

The distribution plan is a very convenient document that the farmer can user to know the quantity of ingredients to mix based on the size of their mixer and on the number of meals to prepare for the herd.

A forecast of ingredients consumption allows the user to plan the raw material quantities that will be needed and can help in anticipating shortages.

Ruminix, a major asset for Service Companies

Ruminix can share data with the formulation software Allix. With the built-in communication tool WebLink, data such as the ranges of feeds, tariffs, or requirements can be shared with Ruminix. Alternatively, customised feed calculated with Ruminix can be shared with Allix to then be transferred to the factory.

Service companies that choose Ruminix can therefore share their knowledge and expertise to wide customer bases, in France and abroad, thanks to the management of multiple languages in Ruminix. They benefit from all functions of the software, but also from all services offered by the teams at A-Systems: back-office management, regular updates, training, hotline…

Furthermore, Ruminix can, when asked, be set up using an Inrae database, with the models based on their widely published equations.

A-Systems supports their clients, with a dedication appreciated by the entire profession, to help setting up new models. Choosing Ruminix is choosing reliability, feature-rich functionality, and flexibility for premix companies, service companies, or feed producers.