What is the best formulation software?

Whether for monogastric (poultry, swine), for ruminants, aquaculture, or pet food, optimising diets is key in animal feed formulation. A formulation software can help you reach your objectives. How can you choose it? Here is our advice.

Why would you need a formulation software for feed formulation?

A formulation software can be used to create, manage, optimise, and share diets and compound feed. This tool is essential to ensure that the nutritional needs are fulfilled, and ensure the highest quality of feed for the animal, while still optimising on costs and anticipate fluctuation of the market or changes in the industry.

Who uses feed formulation software?

A formulation software for animal feed is used by:

What is the best formulation software for animal nutrition?

The best formulation software is, of course, the one that will best cover all your needs. Five criteria are essential to study before making your choice:

1. Compatibility with your IT environment:

to allow integration and easy use with other software, it is important to check that the formulation software you chose is compatible with the various systems you are already using. A-Systems developed Allix so that it would integrate perfectly in your IT environment. It is compatible with SAP, Info M3, Microsoft Dynamics, Citrix, AWS, Microsoft, Power BI, Excel, PRIOS, OET, FOSS and Bruker.

2. User experience:

the interface must be ergonomic and graphical to ease reading the data and daily use. The Allix formulation software is meant to be intuitive, powerful, and efficient. The graphical interface is especially appreciated by the users.

3. Constant evolution:

your issues evolve, as does your market. A feed formulation software has to constantly adapt and cannot stay frozen. At A-Systems, we are committed to always improve Allix to offer useful and powerful tools, fitting your current and future needs. The multi-objectives optimisation innovation is a good exemple!

4. Modular possibilities:

on top of the evolutions of the formulation software, it is interesting to be able to add functions to cover all your needs. A-Systems regularly develops new, innovative modules based on customers’ requests. Allix is therefore a software custom made for our clients.

5. Help services:

attention, reactivity and availability of the technical support are essential to enjoy all the functions offered by your formulation software, and get quick and practical solutions to your questions. It is one of the many assets of A-Systems, with whom users can access trainings, tutorials, and a team of professionals renowned and appreciated for their proximity with clients, and adaptation capacity. Companies outside of France also enjoy local support teams to allow reactivity around the clock.

A formulation software for animal nutrition should therefore be at the service of the user, adaptable, progressive, and benefit from an efficient and innovative team.

It is by focusing on these five criteria that A-Systems has created, and keep developing Allix, the reference formulation software on the animal nutrition market. A-Systems’ own team of developers is always open to suggestions and requests from clients. Therefor they develop new modules and optimisations in order to better their services. Allix formulation software also allows the integration of Ruminix (rationing software), and KAllix (quality control software for raw materials and finished products) to enjoy a comprehensive tool that cover the full range of your process.

Allix users have this to say:

“We recommand using the feed formulation software Allix to other company without reservation due to the user friendliness, the compatibility with other systems, and the dynamism in developing new tools. Allix is not a closed program, it is constantly in development, with frequent updates. Betting on this software ensures us that we will be fine in the future.” Jose Ignacio FERRERO, Responsible for formulation, Nutega CCPA Group

“We appreciate the global technical support from A-Systems team which is provided worldwide. The support from France has been very good, and the online training for Allix has been very helpful.” Dr Megan V Edwards, Technical Manager Swine – APAC, DSM – Bright Science. Brighter Living.™

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