Peter Chrystal

Peter Chrystal, a well-known expert in the field of animal nutrition, shares his views on Allix formulation software and A-Systems’ services.

I’ve been as you can see from looking at  me, in the industry for a long time just over 40 years of experience in the industry working for poultry integrators in South Africa, New Zealand and Australia.

What is your opinion of Allix and WebAllix?

Well from other people that are using Allix, I got some very favorable reports and I’d be using as I say other software for a long time and once I started using Allix it was just remarkably modern and quick certainly quicker than some of the other programs that are out there and it has the ability to open several windows, use different currencies, use different languages so it’s a very very modern platform to work with. So I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it from that point of view WebAllix has not been without issues simply because of internet speed but I have a couple of customers where I use WebAllix and it’s working very well they update a lot of the data on their side and I simply import that and it means I can do the nutrition work without having to retype data like price lists and tonnage.

What do you appreciate the most with Allix?

I think one of the things that really really appeals to me is when I formulate diets I can condensed display and I have a big a really big wide gaming screen and it’s amazing I can see the diet plus all the rejected raw materials, plus all the nutrients on one screen with all the shadow what we call the shadow values or shadow prices and then when I’m working on my laptop I can toggle off the condensed display and then use it by tabs

So you have your rejected materials and so on by separate tab. That is a fantastic features for a person formulating diets to be able to see everything on one large screen. It is just incredibly useful and it means that I will not go back to other other packages let’s put it that way just because of the advantages from that point of view.

Do you appreciate the services provided by A-Systems?

Charlotte [customer support manager] has been amazing! There was a request that I gave early on with the equations module and I asked for: “oh it would be really nice to have a column in there with remarks so I could add remarks” by the very next update the remarks column was added in.

So the support has been incredible, even trying to sort out a few little issues with with WebAllix, Charlotte and the team have just been really really amazing I’ve not enjoyed that support from a software supplier for many many years so it’s been really refreshing, excellent work.

Do you recommend Allix formulation software?

Absolutely! wholeheartedly I would recommend it. I have one regret, one regret only : I should have changed a lot sooner than I did to Allix.

I should have changed years ago anyway, we all have regrets sometimes, but it’s been very very good software.