Einar Lilleeng, formulation director in Biomar Norway and head of the global formulation team, and Alba Perez, formulator in Biomar for more than five years and currently the responsible formulator in Biomar Tasmania, share their opinion on Allix formulation software and the services provided by A-Systems.

Einar Lilleeng : Biomar is a high technology company providing sustainable feed solutions for our customers worldwide. We have been using the formulation software from A-Systems since 2010 and the service they provide including training, “Technical Tuesdays” and also development of the software according to our needs has been very good.

Alba Perez : One of the main things that I like about Allix is how it allows you to run simulation scenarios with different variables which in the end allows you to make more informed decisions that can have really direct impact on the company results.

Einar Lilleeng : We are very happy with the solution of the multiformulation tool providing us with a very good overview of the raw materials needs, the costs and the distribution between our factories and also ensuring that we are competitive.