Sébastien Douet is technical director and formulation manager for Techna France. In this interview, he explains his use of Allix formulation software and shares his opinion on A-Systems.

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I’m Sébastien Douet, I am technical director and formulation manager for Techna France

How long have you been using Allix?

Techna has now been using Allix from A-Systems for 25 years.

How do you work with Allix?

We are using Allix to formulate our products that will be produced in our mills and we are also using it to improve our team and our advices around formulation and raw materials. For our clients that are producing feed in France and abroad.

What do you like about A-Systems?

We appreciate the proximity, we know each other well and they know how we work, their responsiveness to our demands on the software and how our expectations are taken into account.